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Knowledge Hub

The purpose of this space

The role of this space is to bring together the resources that the Community has created to date. We expect this space to be a living one that is updated regularly. Please do check our blog post as well for the latest posts and updates.

Reading & Resource List

This is a reading and resource list the CoP has put together in collaboration with students and staff for staff and students interested in the subject and invested in making changes. Since we wish to make the resource a living one rather than a static one, we invite you to submit articles, readings and resources of interest that we can then add to the list.

When adding a resource, please scroll down to submit the suggestion.

Building Institutional Networks in Response to Decolonising the Curriculum Workshops – 2023

The community organised and hosted two online workshops on 23 April and 4 May 2023 respectively. We saw 22 talks with over 200 participants over the two days. Below, you can access select talks from the events.

If you have any difficulty accessing the talks from the playlists below, you can access the Day 1 workshops and Day 2 workshops directly.

The Pluriversity Podcast

podcast, microphone, audio-4178108.jpg

In September 2023, we are pleased to have launched our podcast, which consists of interviews and dialogues with colleagues from inside and outwith the University of Glasgow.

The podcast aims to create a resource that supports the exploration and expansion of our collective developing understanding of decoloniality by engaging in conversation with a range of academics, students, and community organisers.

You can listen to the podcast via Spotify here:

Below you can find one of our episodes: